how we get it done

Highly skilled, personable revenue generators, 

with little to no learning curve

Advertising Campaigns

Highly efficient and effective ticket campaigns, designed to find interested ticket buyers and convert them to sales.

Sample campaigns


With our extensive relationships with the media, we create news stories guaranteed to create interest in our clients performances.

Publicity Work



From stepping in temporarily due to marketing staff turnover to mentoring junior employees on key tactics and principles, we are ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work selling your tickets.

Using methodical market research and our assessment tools, we create road maps for our clients to be front and center in a congested, highly competitive market.   

Marketing Strategies & Branding

From creating enticing content, to developing robust campaigns to develop thousands of followers, we manage the social media landscape and all its platforms.

Social Media

Graphic design, art direction, video production fo online streaming and editing, when it comes to making our clients look good, we are magnetic. 

Graphic Design & Production

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