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Arts & Entertainment clients look to us to deliver results.

Want to see some?


 We create and implement highly effective marketing and publicity campaigns to increase ticket sales and awareness for arts and entertainment events.  



We are the proven leaders in Phoenix and Tucson for understanding ticket buyers and enticing them to your events.  


From orchestras, theaters, and small dance companies, to National Broadway Tours,  arts centers and concerts, we've successfully promoted virtually every kind of event imaginable.

With our clever campaigns, friendly demeanor and ability to stretch tiny advertising budgets to great heights, Audience Magnets has a long-standing record of attracting and retaining audiences, to produce dramatic sales results at the Box Office.  


We know what will attract attention to your concerts and events and have used these skills to generate thousands of customers and several million dollars in annual sales for our clients. 



ph:  480-797-3111

Audience Magnets

2409 S. Clark Dr

Tempe, AZ  85282

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